# Customizing

You can use the Apps Script code editor to customize some of the behaviors of the password generator. To access it, go to Extensions ➡️ Apps Script.

Screenshot of an open menu with "Extensions" and "Apps Script" highlighted

Save any changes you make by pressing control + S (PC/Chromebook) or command + S (Mac). These changes will take effect next time you run the add-on.

# Customizing words

The first two lines contain lists of nouns and adjectives that are randomly paired to generate passwords. You can add, remove, or change these as you'd like.

All the words in each list must go between the two square brackets, [ and ]. Each individual word must be enclosed in quotation marks. Use commas to separate multiple words.

# Example:

var adjectives = ["big", "medium", "small"];
var nouns = ["dog", "cat", "mouse", "duck"];

# Numbers to avoid

Numbers you want to avoid should be added to the numbers_to_avoid list between the [ and ], separated by commas. You do not need quotation marks around the numbers. The generator picks numbers from 11-99, so you only need to consider numbers to avoid in this range.

# Example

var numbers_to_avoid = [11, 13, 15, 17, 19];

# Words to avoid

Word combinations you want to avoid should be added to the combinations_to_avoid list between the [ and ], separated by commas. Each combination should be surrounded by quotation marks. Do not put spaces between each adjective/noun.

You only need to consider combinations of words in the nouns and adjectives lists above.

# Example

var combinations_to_avoid = ["bigmouse", "smallduck", "mediumdog"];