# Getting Started

Password Generator (opens new window) is a template for Google Sheets that generates kid-friendly passwords inspired by DinoPass (opens new window).

Screenshot of a Google Sheet with usernames and passwords.

# Copy template

Make a copy of the template (opens new window) in your Google Drive by clicking the blue button.

Set up the spreadsheet however you'd like. For example, you might decide to add a column with usernames or label the password column with a header.

Screenshot of a two-column spreadsheet. The left column is labeled "Usernames" and has 7 rows filled in with sample usernames. The right column is labeled "Passwords" and has nothing in subsequent rows.

# Select password cells

Click and drag to highlight the empty cells you'd like to fill with passwords.

Screenshot of the same two-column spreadsheet with sample usernames. The empty password cells are selected.

# Run add-on

Go to Extensions ➡️ Password Generator ➡️ Create passwords from words to run the add-on.

Screenshot of an open menu tree with "Extensions", "Password Generator", and "Create passwords from words" highlighted.


If you don't see Password Generator inside the Extensions menu, try refreshing Google Sheets and waiting a few moments.

# Authorize access

The first time you run the add-on, you'll need to authorize it to run. See the privacy page for more information about the permissions it requests. After authorization, you may need to go to Password Generator ➡️ Create passwords from words one more time.


When you attempt to give the add-on permission to run the first time, you may see a scary-looking screen that says "this app isn’t verified". This just means it has not been submitted to Google for review. To bypass this message, click "Advanced" and then "Go to Password Generator (unsafe)".

Screenshot of a warning that reads "This app hasn't been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer". Arrows point to links that say "Advanced" and "Go to Password Generator (unsafe)"

# Generated passwords

After the add-on runs, you'll see a list of randomly-generated passwords.

Screenshot of a two-column spreadsheet. The left column has a list of sample usernames and the right column has a list of kid-friendly passwords, such as "sillypest47" and "nicestar84"


The add-on will not generate duplicate passwords within one invocation. However, duplicates are possible if you run the generator multiple times.