# Getting Started

Screenshot of a Google Slide with handwritten signatures all over

Signature Collector (opens new window) is a template for Google Slides that allows you to easily collect signatures from people.

# Copy template

Make a copy of the template (opens new window) by clicking the blue Use Template button in the top right. You can delete all the instructions and content from the slide.

The default size of the page is 18" by 18". If necessary, go to File > Page Setup to change the size of the template.

# Publish form

This is a one-time process to get a link you can send to people to collect their signatures. You will be working in the Apps Script code editor, but you will not need to change any code.

  1. On the menu bar, go to Extensions ➡️ Apps Script

    Screenshot of a menu with "Extensions" and "Apps Script" highlighted

  2. In the top right, click Deploy ➡️ New deployment

    Screenshot of a menu with "Deploy" and "New deployment" highlighted

  3. In the box that pops up, double-check the values match the ones listed below.

    Screenshot of the menu with the proper settings. The exact settings are the same as they are in the table below.

    Field Value
    Select type Web app
    Description (leave blank)
    Execute as Me (your email address)
    Who has access Anyone


    This controls who can submit a signature, not who can see the submitted signatures. You can change the value to Anyone within [your organization] to limit access. However, this mode sometimes prevents people who are signed into multiple accounts from accessing the form.

  4. Click Deploy.

# Authorize access

Click Authorize access and follow the prompts to grant the necessary permissions for the add-on to run. No data is sent to me or any third parties. See the privacy page for more information.


When you attempt to give the add-on permission to run the first time, you may see a scary-looking screen that says "this app isn’t verified". This just means it has not been submitted to Google for review. To bypass this message, click "Advanced" and then "Go to Signature Collector (unsafe)".

Screenshot of a warning that reads "This app hasn't been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer". Arrows point to links that say "Advanced" and "Go to Signature Collector (unsafe)"

# Test form

After you authorize the add-on, copy the Web app URL.

Screenshot of a confirmation screen that lists a web app URL. An arrow points to a button that says "copy"

You can test your form by visiting the URL in a new browser window and submitting a signature. After you click "save", the signature should appear in your slideshow.

Screenshot of the signature submission form with a signature that says "test" Screenshot of the test signature on an otherwise blank Google Slide

# Share form

If the test worked, you can share the URL you copied with anyone you need to collect a signature from.


If you lose the form URL, you can get it back by re-opening the Apps Script editor from Google Slides (Extensions ➡️ Apps Script) and choosing Deploy ➡️ Manage deployments. Be sure to copy the Web app URL.