# Clicking - Coin Collector

Screenshot of a game with a gold coin on top of a blue background.

The goal of Coin Collector (opens new window) is to click as many coins as possible within the given time limit. After a coin is clicked, it moves to a new location on the screen.

# Customize

You can customize various game settings by adding parameters to the end of the URL.

The easiest approach is to use the link generator (opens new window) to create your URL. Customize the parameters on the form, click "Share link", and copy the generated URL to play the game with your settings.

# Build URL manually

You can also manually customize the URL by adding various parameters to the end after a #.

Each setting is specified in the format settingName=settingValue. For example, you could append timeLimit=120 to set the time limit to 120 seconds:


Separate multiple parameters with an &. For example, this URL changes the time limit and shows a "play again" button after the game ends:


Below is a list of all available parameters. If you leave a parameter off of the URL, the game will use the default value.

Loading parameters...